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How Important is the Content on Your Website?

By Daniel Speer in Web, Design posted March 06, 2021

Having a beautiful website created for you is normally one the easiest steps in the web development process. The most difficult and often most troubling step is deciding on the website content. What should we say, what photos should we include, how are we going to explain what we do in way people will actually care? These questions, among several others, can be answered with planning and preparation.

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Why You Should Have a Responsive Website

By Daniel Speer in Web, Design posted September 02, 2020

Over the past few years mobile responsive websites have become an industry standard. You may have heard the phrase 'responsive website' but never really understood what it meant. Though it's a relatively simple concept, it's something worth understanding before inquiring about a website.

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Why Custom Software is Better

By Daniel Speer in Software posted May 09, 2020

Ever wonder how companies keep track of sales, create work schedules or retain any type of historical information. Let's discuss why in most cases choosing custom software will benefit people more than opting for an 'out of the box' solution.

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Apps Over Websites?

By Daniel Speer in Web, Apps, Mobile posted February 11, 2020

Here we take a look and discuss the movement of mobile apps in comparison to mobile websites. We've always stressed the importance of having a mobile compatible website, but are users shifting towards primarily using apps on their devices?

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Less is More

By Daniel Speer in Design posted December 12, 2019

Interested in our take on what makes a design stand above the rest? It might not be what you expect. Times have changed and we wanted to discuss the direction we believe digital design is headed and some things that you should be considering before starting your next project.

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